Nov 25, 2011

Fun and Games

"I'm bored; entertain me!" 
"Okay here's a fun game. I'm sending you on a treasure hunt, and you only get two clues. The object I want you to find has roughly the same dimensions as a DVD and written somewhere on it is "El Orphanato, a film by Guillermo Del Toro." 
"You're a little bit shit sometimes, aren't you?"

5 Minutes Later 
"Not only is that a shit game, but I have also just lost it." 

Nov 23, 2011

On Tea, featuring Brenton

"I keep forgetting how much I like it between cups. Sometimes, there are even cups of tea that I take entirely for granted."
Brenton, a fellow lover of tea:
"Wow. That's a terrible thing to say."
"But then every once in a while I'll have tea and think 'there really is nothing better than this.' I mean I have it when I'm working or when I'm reading and I don't really take time out to appreciate it; it's just kind of there like a really good friend... and then some days you realise that your really good friend is totally top notch and you get all emotional about it. That is what my relationship with tea is like." 
"... That is really just oddly specific."

Nov 19, 2011

Daisy's tail

K, on phone:
"Oh my God, you're not going to believe what just happened!"

N, in Woolies:
"Err what? Can it wait twenty minutes only I'm just in the middle of-"

"No. This is ridiculous you have to hear it."

"Okay then, shoot."


"... Just what? Just fell off? Became sentient? Changed colour? Wha-- oh."

Her phone had run out of battery, and I had just assumed it was a pause for dramatic effect and kept talking.

The correct answer, by the way, was 'caught fire'. The cat's tail had just caught fire.

Cup-o'-tea Count: Soothing a bruised Dignity.

Nov 18, 2011

Guest Post

Julie, a supercool film person:
"'Whenever's earliest for you?' That's like 'whenever's easiest for you'- except the complete opposite of that."