Apr 27, 2011

Design Flaws

"I think I've found a design flaw in your dryer. My clothes seem to be more damp now than they were when they went in."

"I think I've found a design flaw in your brain. That's the washing machine."

... I'm not going to specify who found which flaw.

Cup of tea count: at a level appropriate for watching the first episode of Dr Who Series 6

Apr 7, 2011

Coming out

"We're going to have to be much more entertaining now; people besides our mothers read our blog!"

"Uh-oh. QUICK; SAY SOMETHING HILARI- is that a hit from Ecuador on our stats page?!"
We never expected such performance pressure from going public...

Cup of tea count: at panic levels

Apr 6, 2011



“I’m quite upset I can’t get my hair to stand up as much as yours.”


“Well, I can't help it; that’s just what happens when you have mammoths in your gene pool. We’re not sure who it was, or when it happened, but the hair don’t lie.”

Cup of tea count: A vat's worth.

Apr 5, 2011

Pathology is foul

"Eurgh. That is just awful. Augh-god, no one's going to be banging THAT in a hurry. This Carcinoma in situ stuff is enough to put you off sex forever."
"Oh, oh! Look up teratoma."

"Why- is that worse?"

"No; it's not as gross."

"... JESUS CHRIST THAT IS SO MUCH WORSE. What the hell is this? Second heads on balls or something?"

"... yeah. I guess it is."

Cup of tea count: 3

Apr 3, 2011

Explaining the Brain


“So when you touch the fire and your arm snaps back, what is actually happening is a series of messages are being transmitted from sensory neurons to the central nervous system, and then back again through the motor neurons- and all this happens faster than your brain can process the fact that it is happening. In simple terms, you’re nerves go ‘OH, Shit!’ and then a bit later your brain catches up and thinks ‘Hmm, yes. I agree.’”

Cup of tea count: approaching Medical Degree proportions

Apr 1, 2011

April Fools Gone Wrong

"What are you doing with Dr Bob?"
"I'm putting him in your bed."
"Well you can't; I'm putting him in yours."

and I just tried to pull the same prank on each other: squishing our 5ft medical skeleton into bed with the other roommate.

Cup of tea count: one each, with much laughter