Jul 19, 2011

Morning Rituals

"I quite like that the cats have a little morning/night ritual just like we do. If I leave my door open, they'll come and sleep on the end of my bed, and then when my alarm goes off, they get up and walk across my face to make sure I'm awake. Then they hear your alarm and they go off to scratch at your door until you let them in for morning cuddles, before they scamper off to follow me into the bathroom and I have to shoo them out so I can have a shower."

"You have to shoo them out? There is a shower curtain you know. They don't have x-ray vision."

"Yeah, but I get worried that they'll get bored or poo somewhere while I'm in the shower and I'm terrified of having to clean it up. I've learned the hard way that these cats need to have 24 hour access to their litter tray without exception, and even then it's a bit risky."

"Huh. Y'know, the whole poo thing really ruined the idyllic morning thing you had going. I'd leave that out next time you tell it."

Cup-o-tea Count: Making up for lost time!

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