May 16, 2011

DVD Blurbs

A new segment of the blog: translating DVD blurbs into their simplest and most basic forms. As an example, Magnolia. The original blurb is as follows:

"Throughout one tumultuous day in the San Fernando Valley, a group of fractured lives collide and intertwine through a series of chance encounters, secret betrayals, shared histories and divine intervention... finally building to one of the most unforgettable climaxes in cinematic history. Some will seek forgiveness, others escape it. Some will mend damaged lives, others will open old wounds. Some will reap what they have sowed. But towering above it all is the belief that the past forever affects the present."

The simplified version:

"One day in California, a few people meet up. Quite by coincidence, some of them have met before, but don't remember. It gets pretty dramatic. Some of the people will be happy, others not so much, but in the end, most of them start to believe in cause and effect."


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