May 30, 2011

Nipper and Kiki's guide to Australian Capital Cities

City: Brisbane (also BrisVegas)
Residents known as: Brisbanites
Description: Nothing like Vegas.

City: Melbourne
Residents known as: Melbournians
Description: Where everything happens.

City: Sydney
Residents known as: Sydneysiders
Description: Where everything that didn't make it to Melbourne happens. Also still not the capital of Australia.

City: Canberra (Nation Capital, but we try to forget)
Residents known as: Politicians
Description: Politicians congregate here and pretend to run the country.

City: Adelaide
Residents known as: Radelanians
Description: Adelaide is in the south.

City: Darwin
Residents known as: Darwinians
Description: Very hot.

City: Perth
Residents known as: No one is from Perth
Description: Thought it was a marsupial until I googled for this post.


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