Jun 7, 2011

Old Timey Songs

Kiki (in song):
"There was cheese, cheese, crawling on it's knees
In the store, In the store.
There was cheese, cheese, crawling on it's knees,
In the quatermaster's store."
Ad infinitum with verses involving meat with feet, eggs on legs, bread doing headstands and feminist flour.
Nipper (in speech):
"Two things: firstly, I never, ever want to meet this quatermaster and his little gang of sentient mutant biohazard food friends, and two, I seem to recall you looking up that chant, and those definitely not being the words."
Kiki (ignoring, and still in song):
"My eyes are dim, I cannot see
I have not brought my specs with me.
I haaave no-ot brought my specs with me."
Nipper (still definitely not in song):
"Well, you certainly didn't have them with you when you were looking up the words."

Cup of tea count: We are on rations. We have three teabags left. Situation is getting desperate.

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