Jun 12, 2011


So this week denotes the start of HolyShitThatEssay'sDueTodayIsn'tItBetterGetStarted block, as well as The Melbourne Trip and the beginning of the Double Whammy Birthday Shebang. Unfortunately, only one of these things has happened.

And that's the Melbourne Trip.

Some of you may be aware that in the last week or so, a hill in Chile turned out to be quite a bit more explosive than most, and has been spewing out what can only be described as an awesome- that's awesome in the traditional 'I-am-incredibly-humbled-and-slightly-scared-by-the-sheer-power-and-majesty-of-it' sense of the word and not in the 'hey-that-hamster-is-wearing-knuckledusters' sense- plume of ash and fire lighting and all sorts of frankly insane freak weather since then.

Conveniently, said plume of ash has decided not only to devastate the landscape of South America, (because that is where Chile is, and not near Turkey, as suggested by one member of our party, who seemed to be under the impression that all countries that share their names with foods must be next door to each other) but also to take a short holiday into Australian air space. That's right; a volcano has spewed an ash cloud that has travelled approximately 11, 362 km across the South Pacific Ocean and stopped air traffic in a totally different continent.

Mother Nature is not a woman to be fucked with.

Anyway, this has meant that our flight home has been grounded (read: missed, cancelled, and never to be seen again) and that after tonight the only thing we have left is the hire car, our singing voices and a lot of mobile phones with low battery.

... Let the road trip begin.


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